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I have a wonderful conversation today with a radical feminist who hangs out in the same student lounge that I do, he jumped in to defend me against the charge that I was too sweet and Innocent to understand why we need capital punishment, he stepped in because everyone else hadn't picked themselves of the floor yet and somehow we got on to feminism.

I told him about Ren and how I guessed I was well and truly out of the rad-fem camp, he expressed dismay at the feeling of many rad-fems against sex work and porn, he said he didn't feel like they where ideal job's but that they weren't getting any better if we pushed them underground.

We talked about wage gap, about being supported by your partner to go to uni.

At no time where voices raised, disagreements where handled without conflit, and I left thinking, yes there is another way.

And daisy, I was thinking of you when I wrote this, keep up the good blogging.