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books free to a good home: Misc

The confession of an unrepentant lesbian ex moron - sue anne post
Fast girls -  Emily white
A bit of post script - sue anne post
Girls talk (really good book for teenagers) - Maria Pallotto - Chiarolli 
Alcohol - griffitth Edwards
Uses and abuses of psychology H. J. Eysenck
The little book of cats poems and prose
Cat fight - Leora Tanenbaum
The fairies birthday book
A retreat from Tolerance - Phillip Adams
How to take over teh world - I can has cheezburger
Is it just me or is everything shit - Steve Lowe and Alan Mcarthur
Godel, Escher, Bach - Douglas R. Hofstadter 
The gift of fear - Gavin De Becker
Making monsters - Richard Ofshe
Darwins Dangerous Idea - Daniel C Dennett
Origins of order - Stuart A. Kauffman
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