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An outspoken bleeding heart with a cynical streak a mile wide.

I think this nicely sums up my politics

I identify as fake, I am not a "real" anything, I am not a real women, or a real man, I am not a real queer, my invisible disabilities make me not really disabled. I am not a real feminist, I am fake.

Fascinated by mathematics, politics and the stories humans tell each other. A Queer as fuck androgynous genderqueer fairy, uses male pronouns, a lover of geeks and nerds of all types. just another freak ruining the master race.

Is their a bent edge, if so, I'm so there!


I have Adhd, while I don't agree with everything in it this is a good intro

Most of this journal is friends only, comment if you want to be added, if you only care about the political stuff, most of it is public.

I am dyslexic, I know that the subsequent spelling and grammatical mistakes that I will make in my journal may cause some of your to hemorrhage, if you are one of those people, for your sanity and mine just don’t read my journal.

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